Personal Fundraising and Team Fundraising Pages in Salsa Engage

Salsa helps peer to peer fundraising campaign managers empower individual fundraisers and teams to raise money through personal donation pages. Let’s take a look at how your organization can capitalize on the power of grassroots fundraising in Salsa Engage.

After creating your campaign event page, you’ll design the fundraiser page template that each individual fundraiser will be able to customize with their own text and pictures after they sign up.

The Engage drag and drop editor makes building the layout really easy for administrators.

After designing the personal fundraiser page, donate page, and donation confirmation page, you can preview how it looks in desktop, tablet, and mobile.

You’ll follow the same steps when creating your team pages. Team pages can be customized by team captains. They contain progress to goal thermometers and individual fundraiser leaderboards to fuel the competition among individuals and ultimately drive more donations for your organization!

Finally, Salsa’s Peer to Peer Fundraising App gives fundraisers a set of mobile and social integrations so they can communicate with their network and raise money from anywhere!