A/B Testing Emails in Salsa Engage

Learn how to A/B Test your Emails in Salsa Engage.

To see a full demo of Salsa in action, visit: https://www.salsalabs.com/demo

After you’ve created your email appeal or newsletter, Salsa Engage offers built-in optimization tools to help you get more emails delivered, opened, and read, and helps you increase actions taken on those emails.

The A/B Testing in Salsa let’s you compare and test two versions of an email, including testing different subject lines, email content, links, or call to action buttons within the email.

You can send both the A and B versions to small segments of your list, and then the system will automatically send the winning version that has more engagement to the remainder of your list.

Best practice with A/B Testing is to only test one variable per email, such as your subject line, so that you can clearly draw conclusions and optimize for future sends.

Lastly, Spam Checker analyzes your email and gives you a score and recommendations for improvement so that more of your emails hit recipient inboxes and aren’t flagged by spam filters.