Peer to Peer Fundraising Analytics in Salsa Engage

Tracking your peer to peer fundraising campaign results is easy with real time with visual dashboards in Salsa Engage.

You can see at a glance how much money you’ve raised from different sources, and you can see how many grassroots supporters you have out there raising money on your behalf!

Inside of each individual peer to peer campaign, you can dive into the details and discover who your top fundraisers are, who your top teams. You can also gain insights into average gift size and average total raised based on if individuals are part of a team or not. Due to competition, fundraisers who are part of teams are usually more motivated and successful.

Page view metrics reveal how many people are coming to your campaign event page and signing up to be a part of the campaign or registering for an event.

Finally, you can drill down and see details about new supporters who have donated to individuals in the campaign and if necessary, reallocate a donation if another fundraiser should receive credit.