Donor Management - Performance Dashboard in Salsa CRM

The Performance Dashboard in Salsa CRM's donor management software gives development and fundraising professionals deep visual insights into fundraising performance and provides prescriptive analytics that mission-focused teams need to make better decisions.

On your fundraising overview dashboard, you can see your fundraising revenue over time. You can filter by fund, campaign, appeal, specific groups that you’ve created, or by Donor Type.

In year-to-date progress, you can track year to date revenue, number of donors, online v. offline gifts, and donation types.

For every report in the Performance Dashboard, you have the option of saving it to your “my reports” tab, printing the report as a PDF for a board meeting, or scheduling the report to be emailed to you on a recurring basis.

Open Fundraising Initiatives lets you monitor specific funds, campaigns, and appeals and track progress to goal. Here you can see the Building Fund raised $624,000 of their $1,000,000 goal falling about 37% short.

The donor growth and retention dashboard shows how much revenue you received and retained and also identifies how much potential revenue you let slip. You can easily see new donors, returning, upgraded, downgraded, and lapsed all in one clear chart.

More importantly, with a single click you can drill down into any segment to get actionable information. Want your team to focus on upgraded donors? They are just one click away. Export the list for phone follow up, or push it to Engage for online marketing campaigns.

Lastly, you can track the progress of collecting your outstanding pledges and work to improve your pledge collection rate!

For a deep dive into more reports, be sure to sign up for a free demo of Salsa's donor management software! Thanks for watching!